Sunday, January 6

update on sex survey

I posted a survey question on blogcatalog and asked how often people think about sex. I posted some of the answers in my previous blog, and there's still people answering the question. So I'm posting a couple more reponses.

The one from Kdawg68 is very interesting and other men have told me this too. Read his post:

---- From kdawg68:
When we meet a woman for the first time, a process occurrs in our brains that takes about 1/10000th of a second. It's a fascinating process that for each individual is slightly different. Mine evidently tends to look for a cute face, nice juicy squeezable butt, pretty feet with cute well pedicured toes, and a tan complextion - but the end result is the same in each of us. Our brains compute and spit out a simple decision:

Yes or No?

That's it. Those are the two categories. I either would or would not have sex with the individual. "

kdawg68's blog


I don't know if women think the same way, I know that I don't. I don't size up a man in the first millisecond of meeting him and decide whether or not I'd sleep with him. I actually don't think about having sex with any man that I meet unless he's absolutetly gorgeous or sexy in some way. otherwise sex doesn't enter my head at all.

But a few women on the survey said they think the same way. I think they must be exceptions, not the norm.

Another blogger wroter this:

--- From mugshot:
not too often....SEX...but they say men thinkg...SEX....about sex every .....SEX SEX SEX.... seven seconds, for me its more.......SEX SEX SEX like every few minutes SEX SEX.

mugshot's blog ----

hilarious. i love blogging.


ModelElaine said...

I remember that survey. It has been a popular thread on BC! Seems like sex is on everyone's mind. I can relate ;-)