Sunday, January 6

Menopause: What's A Girl To Do?

I've been dealing with premenopause for the last year. I've had two visits from "my best friend" in that time. And so I was very happy, thinking that it was all over now, and I wouldn't have to deal with all that womanly crap anymore. (i've never liked having my period. some women talk like its some wonderful experience, but not me.)

As a younger woman I never thought about menopause, let alone premenopause. I didn't even know premenopause existed until a couple years ago. I thought I'd just come upon menopause one day, and it'd all be over – no more periods, no more tampoons, cramps, bloating, ect. ect.

BUT NO!!!! I am now told that premenopause lasts for years. and then you go into menopause, which has its own downsides. I swear to god, it really sucks being the mother of mankind. Men don't know how lucky they have it.

So i've been dealing with hot flashes, and they are slow roasting me from the inside out. I now must dress in multiple layers because I can go from cold to roasting in a matter of minutes. It usually starts with my face, I'll feel it start to get hot and flush. and then it spreads to my chest and torso.

And when I'm not dealing with hot flashes, I'm dealing with what I call phantom periods. I have all the signs of a period: bloating, cramps, tiredness, crabbiness. Just no blood.

I've been told premenopause can last for years. I have an older friend who's in her early 60's who says her premenopause lasted for 10 years!!!! I have hit premenopause at a pretty early age (46). Most women don't hit it until in their mid-50's. so i guess that's a positive for me.

Anyway, enough with the complaining. I'm still looking for ways to deal with the hot flashes, although I have been using soy products that seem to help decrease how often they happen. I'd love to hear what other women are using to cope with premenopause.


Anonymous said...

I started menopause early thanks to a hysterectomy. The hot flashes were unbelievable! Then, I read that native peoples all over the world call them power surges and believe that women in and beyond menopause have come into their spiritual power. Such women in the tribe are revered.
Hormone replacement therapy has subdued all of my unpleasant symptoms, so now I am free to enjoy not having periods, or cramps, or PMS, or the possibility of having any more kids. I have five and that's enough. My last child was born when I was 42. Menopause is a whole lot easier than pregnancy, childbirth, and raising babies!
This is by far the best time of my life, so far. We really do get better with age!
Hang in there.

Shinade said...

Oh I wish I could say the same about menopause. I had my last period when I was 40 and I will be 52 this month and it's still miserable. I can't take hormone therapy due to family history of stroke and heart attacks. The night sweats are the abosolute worst thing for me. And, I thought it would only last 10 years. Well I am going on 12 years now and it has not been a pleasurable experience.

However, I can say that entering my 50's has been very liberating. It's a great age. A certain freedom and liberation has come along with this decade.

Good luck and best wishes,

Peace said...

Soon it will be my turn, I hate menstruation...

Man are indeed fortunate. They should reincarnate as woman next time.

Anonymous said...

Red Clover is an herb that has worked for me. I've been taking it for about 2 weeks. I'm 47 and noticed a difference right away. I take one capsule in the morning w/a small glass of vanilla soy milk and one capsule again at night with small glass of soy milk and it works. My hot flashes were so annoying, miserable and intense and driving me crazy. Now they are weak, less frequent and I sleep better at night. If this helps, pass it on.