Thursday, April 22

Heidi Montag Before plastic Surgery was Beautiful

I think Heidi Montag before plastic surgery was a very good looking woman. So why would a young, good looking woman like that go and have the amount of plastic surgery she had? I actually had never heard of this woman until she got her plastic surgery, then all of the sudden there were Heidi Montag before and after plastic surgery photos everywhere.

I look at the Heidi Montag before plastic surgery photos and I think there are probably thousands and thousands of woman who would love to look like that.

What a shame that young, beautiful women feel they have to undergo dangerous surgeries to feel beautiful. And I wonder if Heidi Montag does feel beautiful now, or if she's only seeing her faults and will continue to have plastic surgeries.

And ok, so she didn't like her nose, so get a nose job and be done with it. But did you see what she did to her boobs? Good God! She looks like she's got two basketballs sewn into her chest. Did she really need breasts that large?

Now I think she looks like a barbie doll - literally, with plastic sheen and all. Take a look at these Heidi Montag before and after plastic surgery photos and tell me I'm wrong. Poor thing. She also now looks about 10 years older.

And my god those breasts! (Sorry I keep going back to Heidi Montag's breasts, they're just so out of proportion to her body.) Do women these days really need to turn themselves into walking boobs in order to be considered sexy? What is this world coming to?

Monday, February 9


I just deleted my account with Flickr because they censored my protest-art (shown here). They claimed I was harassing and abusing other members by having it posted.

My protest-art has the words "Summertownsun sucks". I put this artwork up in protest of Summertownsun (sellers of Luna Girl vintage photos) complaining that I was infringing on their copyrighted work. They said I was posting images that they own. So flickr removed the images. But the images are actually in the public domain. So I protested Summertownsun's actions by creating a piece of artwork and posting it on Flickr.

Then Flickr (or as I now like to call them, Fluckr), in all its controlling, tightwad glory, removed that image too, and sent me an email which said, "

Hi dazzlecat, 

In joining Flickr, you agreed to abide by the Terms of
 Service and Community Guidelines. Specifically, you must 
not abuse, harass, threaten, impersonate or intimidate 
other Flickr members. We've removed the content, "SummertownSun Publishing
Sucks!", from your photostream. Please note that similar
 activity may result in the termination of your account
 without warning.




So what really happened here? Was I harassing other members? NO! The simple fact is that Flickr censored my artwork!!! All because someone (I am assuming summertownsun) complained.

I sent out an email to all my contacts on Flickr letting them know I was deleting my account and why. Now I'm going to have to make another piece of protest-art called Flickr Sucks!

PS. I've released this image into the public domain. Feel free to post it anywhere, do anything you want with it, etc.

Monday, January 5

OMG its been ages

Wow, its been ages since I posted anything here. I've been sooo busy with a million other projects. Just published my first paper doll book called Indian Kitty Powwow Princess which can be bought on Details can be found at my art website:

So anyway, back to this topic. I've now gone 10 months without a visit from my "best friend". I've always hated that term. What other terms are there for menstration? I'm coming up with nothing. Help me out here ladies.

Anyway, back to lack of seeing my best friend. YEAH!!!! I'm free, free, free at last. I'll take the hot flashes and night sweats over "my best friend" any day. and now it looks like I really get to. I think women in this society (America) should start rituals that celebrate 1) getting your first period and 2) hitting menopause. I wouldn't bother celebrating perimenopause cause that's so unclear, and it could go on FOR EVER. Luckily for me, it only lasted about 1 year.

So long B.F. I'd say I miss you but that would be a big, fat lie.

Sunday, January 20

Miss Alaska called at "4"

A few weeks ago I was doing a search on the new Miss Alaska for the newspaper I work at. I had a really hard time finding any photos until I came upon a blog called kodiakkonfidential. The site had about 5 photos of Courtney Carroll, the new Miss Alaska. She's an accomplished, beautiful young woman who beat out many other women for the title. And yet, the comments that were left on the site all focused on what she looked like. And most of the comments were NOT pretty. Commentors starting rating her, sayings stuff like: "Humph. I'd give her a 6. Slim pickens up there, huh?" (you can read all the comments here:

I was so mad I left a comment: "OMG you people are all snobs!! this young woman is beautiful: tall, thin, full head of hair, big white teeth, pretty face. What the frack more do you need to be considered beautiful these days. You're obviously basing your definitions of beauty on what you see on tv. And besides that, State Pagaents are based on more than just outside beauty. Good grief!!"

And I'm still pissed off about it. I can't seem to let it go. If this young woman isn't considered beautiful, then what about the rest of us? Are men (and women) in this society now being taught to consider anyone who isn't "model perfect" to be ugly? We need to stop the insanity!!!