Sunday, January 20

Miss Alaska called at "4"

A few weeks ago I was doing a search on the new Miss Alaska for the newspaper I work at. I had a really hard time finding any photos until I came upon a blog called kodiakkonfidential. The site had about 5 photos of Courtney Carroll, the new Miss Alaska. She's an accomplished, beautiful young woman who beat out many other women for the title. And yet, the comments that were left on the site all focused on what she looked like. And most of the comments were NOT pretty. Commentors starting rating her, sayings stuff like: "Humph. I'd give her a 6. Slim pickens up there, huh?" (you can read all the comments here:

I was so mad I left a comment: "OMG you people are all snobs!! this young woman is beautiful: tall, thin, full head of hair, big white teeth, pretty face. What the frack more do you need to be considered beautiful these days. You're obviously basing your definitions of beauty on what you see on tv. And besides that, State Pagaents are based on more than just outside beauty. Good grief!!"

And I'm still pissed off about it. I can't seem to let it go. If this young woman isn't considered beautiful, then what about the rest of us? Are men (and women) in this society now being taught to consider anyone who isn't "model perfect" to be ugly? We need to stop the insanity!!!


Descartes said...

Well, she is a beauty pagenant contestant and is likely used to such comments-still, I agree that people are crazy when it comes to things like this.
If you don't look like a porn star, or an anime character, you just aren't good enough.
Photoshop has also made it possible to 'make' the perfect woman from whatever parts you choose.
Reality-it's not for sissys.

madaise said...

Cat, I couldn't agree with you more! The girl is very pretty... wonder what's she acts like (that'd be the clencher, wouldn't it?)

Anonymous said...

that girl is hella hot. She reminds me of a mixed black/asian girl that I used to hook up within college. I was always an equal opportunity employer when it came to love.

Anonymous said...

dont let other peoples mean comments change your opinion there comments mean nothing they are just jealous i guess why do people want to put down beauty ,we all se every thing different i wish i were half this beautiful .she will sucseed no worries love gina

Anonymous said...

Well, being from the same community and somewhat ethnic background of this young woman, I can honestly tell you for a fact, I'm not very pleased with our Miss Alaska pick this year. Hopefully she has grown out of her silly antics such as "drunk driving" for instance. Must be nice to be the daughter of the City's top cop. As for her being a representative of our Native Alaskan people, give me a break! I rarely see her join in Native events or things that really matter. Real beauties don't need to bleach their hair out, or dress like a 2-bit street walker. I have the feeling she only claims her ethnicity when it suits her needs. I would never want my children to follow her example.

Anonymous said...

She does have a bit of a drinking problem. I have seen her out and about making a fool of herself numerous times. The party girl has tried to clean up her image since she came back to Alaska for the contest. She had been down living in LA, but realized she would have a better chance at winning up here. She has not been active in the native community, and you would think that a scholarship program would at least require you to be enrolled in at least one class at any college or be residing in the state of the competition at least six consecutive months prior to it. She dropped out of college a couple years ago. And step dad has definately had an impact on her fairly clean (except one DUI and several speeding tickets) record.

David said...

Maybe people have only one perspective and they like to see them beautiful else they regard the babes not so interesting. Anyways I would share the same opinion with you and she is more than good to me and ideal selection for the pageant that she has got.

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adam said...

my heart broke when i heard someone so young has cervical cancer. young people her age should learn from her experience that living a promiscuous lifestyle can lead hpv-causing cervical cancer or even worse. our thoughts and prayers are with you, courtney!