Saturday, January 19

China's new beauty standards. OMG!

I guess U.S. women aren't the only ones obsessed with "beauty". There's an article on ABC News about women in China going under the knife to have more "western" eyes, fuller lips, bigger breasts and longer legs (a painful procedure where they break the leg bones and insert robs to make the legs grow a few more inches). Ouch!!!

There's even a beauty contest for women who have had plastic surgery. I suppose that the majority of U.S. beauty pageant entrants have also had some plastic surgery, but we don't talk about that. The photo shown here is of winners of China's beauty pageant for women who have undergone plastic surgery. (AP Photo)

The article says that the new beauty standard in China is "whiter, thinner and taller." It's so sad to see those beautiful Asian women wanting to look white. It's something that women of color here still struggle with. I myself am American Indian and even though my generation has embrace our ethnic beauty; there are still lots of women striving to be "blonde and blue eyed".

Have you noticed the diet/exercise commercials on TV: whenever they show before/after photos of women who've lost weight they have almost always become a blond, too. What is this crap about "blondes having more fun" anyway?

Its sad to see women in other parts of the world trying to look like our immaciated, boney, starving white models. How many of us actually look like that?

So the U.S. continues to spread its insane definition of "beauty" to other countries. oh joy...


Nadia Giordana said...

I think Asian women are exquisitely beautiful just as they are.

madasie said...

Is it just me or does the girl on the right look a bit Paris Hilton-y? I've always though asian women were beautiful.. and they've always endured for beauty, haven't they (thinking feet bindings).. I guess, really, many women do.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty open about the fact that I have a "thing" for asian women. I didn't have one until I met my wife, but then pow, it's been no going back ever since then.

They are incredibly beautiful women that can melt a man's heart with but a glimpse and a twirl of the hair.

Billie Walker said...

I completely agree with you on this, I only found out that Asians could change their eyes to look more Western not long ago, and it shocked me (it still does :S)
I've done a post on the whole "White Beauty" topic too...have a look