Monday, January 5

OMG its been ages

Wow, its been ages since I posted anything here. I've been sooo busy with a million other projects. Just published my first paper doll book called Indian Kitty Powwow Princess which can be bought on Details can be found at my art website:

So anyway, back to this topic. I've now gone 10 months without a visit from my "best friend". I've always hated that term. What other terms are there for menstration? I'm coming up with nothing. Help me out here ladies.

Anyway, back to lack of seeing my best friend. YEAH!!!! I'm free, free, free at last. I'll take the hot flashes and night sweats over "my best friend" any day. and now it looks like I really get to. I think women in this society (America) should start rituals that celebrate 1) getting your first period and 2) hitting menopause. I wouldn't bother celebrating perimenopause cause that's so unclear, and it could go on FOR EVER. Luckily for me, it only lasted about 1 year.

So long B.F. I'd say I miss you but that would be a big, fat lie.