Thursday, April 22

Heidi Montag Before plastic Surgery was Beautiful

I think Heidi Montag before plastic surgery was a very good looking woman. So why would a young, good looking woman like that go and have the amount of plastic surgery she had? I actually had never heard of this woman until she got her plastic surgery, then all of the sudden there were Heidi Montag before and after plastic surgery photos everywhere.

I look at the Heidi Montag before plastic surgery photos and I think there are probably thousands and thousands of woman who would love to look like that.

What a shame that young, beautiful women feel they have to undergo dangerous surgeries to feel beautiful. And I wonder if Heidi Montag does feel beautiful now, or if she's only seeing her faults and will continue to have plastic surgeries.

And ok, so she didn't like her nose, so get a nose job and be done with it. But did you see what she did to her boobs? Good God! She looks like she's got two basketballs sewn into her chest. Did she really need breasts that large?

Now I think she looks like a barbie doll - literally, with plastic sheen and all. Take a look at these Heidi Montag before and after plastic surgery photos and tell me I'm wrong. Poor thing. She also now looks about 10 years older.

And my god those breasts! (Sorry I keep going back to Heidi Montag's breasts, they're just so out of proportion to her body.) Do women these days really need to turn themselves into walking boobs in order to be considered sexy? What is this world coming to?


BeyondBabedom said...

When my over 50 friends talk about their surgery or Botox I just shake my head. Not only do they have to do it over and over, but in most cases, the results aren't all that great. And if they do their eyes, their frown lines are still there. Or if they do their frown lines, they still have that wrinkled neck and elbows. Nothing more pathetic than a wrinkle-free 70 year old with a dowagers hump. You're not kidding anyone.

Shannon said...

She looks really beautiful. But her boob job made her look like a sl**. Sorry for the word. This is one of the frustrating situations in plastic surgery. There's nothing wrong with plastic surgery as long as it isn't overdone.

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