Monday, December 31

My Mom's Thoughts on Sex

Happy new year!!!

And its going to be a good one, with lots of communication. I can tell by the conversation I had with my mom and sister last night over dinner at a local restaurant. I don't even remember how we got on the subject of sex, but we found ourselves talking about when my mom was younger (in her mid thirties) and me and my sister were still kids. My mom mentioned dating some men and I told her I didn't know she had dated anyone when she and my dad had broken up (among one of their many breakups). I said that she never brought any men home so I thought she never dated. She mentioned something about "the back seat of a car", at which point my sister and I burst into laughter for about five minutes straight.

I've never heard my mom talk about dating, sex – or anything of a very personal nature for that matter. (My mom has remained a mystery most of my life.) So my sister and I were surprised and tickled to death when she opened up about her dating exploits and made a joke about the back seats of cars.

Then she told us she hadn't had sex in over 30 years. Yikes!!! And she wondered how it would be if she had sex again after all these years. She said if she was making out in the back seat of a car now, she's probably get all cramped up. That was followed by another five minutes of loud laughter from us.

I told her now that her children were grown and out of the house, she didn't need to resort to the back seats of cars. And then I told her about that woman who hadn't had sex for 30 years and started sleeping with men after placing a classified ad in the paper. And then wrote a book about her sexual exploits. (I wrote about this earlier in my blog. I still can't remember the name of that book or the author.) So I told my mom maybe she should put an ad in the paper and see how many responses she gets. She could have men flying in from all over the country just to have a weekend sexual encounter with her. and then she could write a book about it. (that was another good laugh.)

So the new year looks likes its going to bring good things: more open communication with my mom; a better understanding of my mom by me, and maybe some sexual encounters for my mom (although I wouldn't hold my breath on that one). Happy New Year!!!


Gale Rainwater said...

I understand my mom never talks about sex and I don't bring it up to her.