Saturday, December 29

My highly scientifc survey on the average sex drive

I had read that men think about sex 10 times a day (as I mentioned in my earlier blog) and so I decided to hold my own scientific and highly technical survey on how many times the average person thinks about sex. So i posed the question on my blogcatalog page "How often do you think about sex?".

so far I have about 50 responses (some are repeat responders, I guess cuz they think about sex sooo much that they needed to respond more than once. :-)

And what I found was actually very amazing. Most of the men laughed at the concept of ONLY thinking about sex 10 times a day. It seems they think about sex once every 8 seconds. YIKES!!! How is it that the male species has managed to run the world up till now? How do they get anything done?!!!

Some of the anwers from the survey were very funny, so i'm listing some of them here for you to read. and i'm also providing links to their blogs as a thanks for answering my survey.

From ModelElaine:
"I have more sex then I want to think of LOL, so while I am not having sex, I don't even want to think about it, and while I am having sex I think of something else"
ModelElaine's blog

From Xight:
"Being the average male, about 6 times while writing and posting this comment."
Xight's blog

From dannyvice:
"Well statistically, I think the Kinsey Institude determined it to be about every 8 seconds for males.... For me it all depends on my mood, but certainly not anywhere near 8 seconds. =)"
dannyvice's blog

From offendedblogger:
"Kinsey was a pervert lol, you can't trust his data."
offendedblogger's blog

From thegnr:
"Any one who says they never think about sex probably thinks about it all day. You will find some women that say never because some are afraid of how others will view them. Sex is a natural don't be ashamed of it, how do you think we all got here people. I would say on average about 2-4 times a day."
thegnr's blog

From trlrtrash13:
"It is every eight seconds. But we sleep a third of the day so... But I don't usually think about sex that much anymore. I'm on a higher plane of enlightenment. I ponder the great mysteries of the cosmos. Like 'I wonder if I could eat this whole slice of pizza in one bite'."
trlrtrash13's blog

From voodooKobra:
voodooKobra's blog

From emiltsch:
"well...3 times while I responded to this..."

From emiltsch:
"and three more times after I responded..."
emiltsch's blog

From Unfettered:
"I don't think I ever thought about sex every 8 seconds. Good grief. This is the weirdest statistic. How could one get anything done? Now I'm in my 40's. I think about a warm bath and a good steak way more often and with much more satisfaction."
Unfettered's blog

From crazedmama:
"My husband used to call me a nympho, lol. That was until I had twins. After they were born, my sex drive just dwindled. I think about it maybe a few times a week. It used to always be on my mind but most of the time now I would just rather go to sleep!"
crazedmama's blog

From zawadi:
"When Aunt Flow is about to visit, my eggs scream to be fertalized. I don't like the feeling cause i'm single at the moment lol."
zawadi's blog

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. And happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

When I'm in love, I think about sex a few times a day. Otherwise, maybe a few times a month.

Breast Massage said...

Yeah, i'm about 2x a day. If that were satisfied, I would be too.