Wednesday, December 26

Sex Links and All That Crap!

I logged onto my blog after 4 days away for the holiday only to find my google ad box had an ad for hot horny girls. grrrrr!!!! I hate that. Just because my blog talks about women and sexual issues, the google ad search engines thinks I'm some porn page that needs porn ads to go with it. again i say, grrrrr!!!

Its really amazing to me how much of a focus our society has on sex. I've been looking for affiliate products to promote and researching what the top sellers are. And most of them are sex products: penal enlargements, viagra, ect. Why am I surprised? I guess I'm just an old fashioned girl.

What's really interesting to me is how often men think about sex. I saw somewhere that the average man thinks about sex 10 times a day. Wow!!! I think about sex MAYBE 10 times a week, and that's an above average week for me. sometimes I don't think about sex for days at a time.

So now they have this new stuff out for women that will make them horny. I'm not knocking it, maybe if I had this stuff when I was married my marriage would have been happier. Or at least, our sex life would have been better. I was married to a man who wanted sex EVERY DAY. And if we did have sex in the morning, he was already horny again by evening. Jezzzz. I on the other hand, wanted sex about once a week. They say sexual incompatability is one of the top 3 reasons people get divorced. yes, I know that struggle well.

I'm not against promoting sex, I'm just against promoting women as sex objects. So i promptly deleted the google ad from my page. I guess I'll have to hand-pick my ads from now on. Sorry if that ad offended anyone.


Merlyn Trey Hunter said...

Excellent blog, very personal, but never TMI. I gave you your very first well deserved stumble review!

This should get you alot more visitors!

Happy blogging!

Merlyn Trey Hunter said...

Your cat Z looks alot like my old kitty, Chicken Chowmein (her vet hated me). Lost her long ago and still miss her....