Monday, December 17

Great website for divorced women

I was watching the Morning Show today and saw them mention a new website for divorced women. Its called FirstWivesWorld. Not sure why, because we women are SO MUCH more than "wives", and certainly after a divorce when we are no longer wives. (Over 40 and Feeling Fine is not about being someone's x-wife.)

Aside from the lame name I really like the site. What I've seen of it so far anyway. (So many websites, so little time). They have a place for women to share their stories and get advice on all types of things that us divorcees are in need of.

There's a two part article on hot flashes, something I'll have to read when I have more time. Cuz my hot flashes are slow roasting me from the inside out.

The site also has something called "intimate portraits" which has video posts from women who have gone through, or are going through, divorce. Some very powerful and supportive stuff here. Darlinks, you simply must check it out. :-)

Got any great sites you think I should take a look at? let me know.

Until next time.


Anonymous said...

I did try this site and it was a diaster. At least the section were women post topics, blogs, etc. -- the article part was ok. But the section were women post topics...yikes. Everyone has the right to believe what they want, but I got real tired of the feel-good bible-thumpers… In one discussion several women were verbally abused because they were happy that Obama won….really scary stuff… If I want to be abused I’ll call my ex. So unless you are a right-wing bible-thumping racist stay away from this site.

zoeh44 said...

another great webbsite for women is called

its great if you are divorced - but great if you are married or single too - just a real friendly bunch of girls with a really open forum and good advice, good fun -lots of good reading. If you register you can read their blogs too - there are only about thirty at the minute - but a good read .
definitely recommend it for girls

i found it when i had their book for Christmas Moan about Men by Juliana Foster - also a good read