Sunday, December 16

My First Blog

Hello, This is my very first blog (I think) and I"m so excited. Actually, it might not be my "first" since I do have a website (see above link) that posts all my pages into a blog format. My website is about the healing power of art. Its a place where I share my love of art with the world. I've been working on that for about a year and a half, and its a labor of love for sure.

Anyway, this blog is about my life as a 40-something, single woman. A fine place to be if I do say so myself. I love being over 40. Yes, there are days when I feel old, ect. But for the most part, I feel happier than I've ever been. In my twenties I was just plain "lost": didn't have a clue who I was, where I was going, or what I wanted in live. When I was in my 30's I was married and working hard at that. Nobody bothered to inform me that marriage was a lot of Freaking Work!!! I think my hubby and I had role reversal issues: he always wanted to "talk" about our issues. I just wanted to get along.

So now I'm happily divorced and living with my two cats - who are my children. What can i say, I am one of THOSE kinds of women. I love cats - in fact, about half of all my artwork is about cats. I call myself a "cat artist". One hundred years from now when art teachers talk about artists, my name will be among the most influential cat-artists of the 21st century. ayyy.

So I've been learning what it means to be a single woman over forty in this beauty/youth obsessed culture. And I've been learning new things about the female body too - I've hit menopause. Thank God!! I think if i have to have one more visit from my "best friend" I'll going postal.

I also learned that I'm allergic to gluten, so I can no longer eat bread or pasta. Its changed my life, but mostly for the good because now I'm not dragging myself through my utterly exhausted life anymore. I have my energy back. Yeah!!! And I also have fibromyalgia, which is why I said I'm learning about what its like being over 40. Our bodies DO start falling apart (don't know if i ever really believed that until now).

So being over 40 is a new adventure for me. I'm single; I have new body issues; I am back on the "market" after a 10 years absense. (I've been divorced for about 5 years now and tried the various new dating techniques out there.)

So these are the issues I'll be sharing with whoever wishes to read my blog. And I'd love to hear other women's experiences too. Even if you not over 40, you can learn from the masters. ayyy. I hope to hear from all you fabulous over 40 women and anyone else who feels like sharing.

May all your days be filled with creativity and color. Until next time.


Nil Gurung said...

What’s up Ma’ma?
This is the great blog I am trying to read all your stuffs and hope that I will get something from your blog Thanks Nil

Nil Gurung said...

Thank you CAT for visiting at my blog I did not know how do I create just I am leaning.
You are most welcomed in my country. Actually I am in abroad now I am getting back home soon. Keep mailing to me Thanks again and you have a great day.